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Design is an invitation to play

100% natural

First toy

Do You know that ....

- simple graphics
- clear contours
- black white color

.... actively support your child's sight

Marcin Zając

David's father

"Your products are designed to meet our needs"

Ewelina Niewiarowska

Tymek's mother

"Irreplaceable during everyday"

Nadia Osuch

Sofia's aunt

"This toys are perfect"

Wojciech Poznański

Leon's father

"I did not think the toys could have such an effect in child development"

Joanna Dyrdał

Mom of two girls

"Perfect present for a babyshower"

Anna Faltus

John's mother

"It was love at the first sight, John loves Your's bunnys."

Marcin Zając

Ewelina Niewiarowska

Nadia Osuch

Wojciech Poznański

Joanna Dyrdał

Anna Faltus


for mom

Our products are designed to meet the needs of babies and children.



Made in Poland


by the small

Checked and accepted

Quality !

All our products are distinguished by the best quality of workmanship. Each one is made in Poland with Polish materials, which guarantees excellent quality.

Black & White Baby Stuff products undergo stringent testing in accordance with the European Directive, so that all toys got the CE mark.